New Blog coming soon!!

This blog site is all new to me and I feel a bit out of my depth. But I aim to keep at it, improve access and even include photographs and other material.

I plan to offer a new blog soon, so please stay on the look out for it. See you soon I hope. I will trail elsewhere too.

I wonder what issues would most interest you. Please feel free to leave a comment to tell me. I would like this to be a two way platform as much as possible.

all best for now. peter


4 thoughts on “New Blog coming soon!!

  1. Enjoy blogging. I have found myself that the secret is simply to blog when you want to write – don’t worry about trying to keep a steady flow. But sometimes when you write, it is best to schedule rather than post immediately, so you get the timing that works for when people read, rather than when you write.

    I’d love to see whether you would write about the potential to convert charities into user and worker owned organisations. One inspiration is the Italian model of social co-operatives. It is not a magic bullet in a care sector with structural flaws, but it can be a magic dose of dignity. My colleague Pat Conaty – – has written about this extensively – see – and we have two nascent consortia, first in Wales and now in England, but whereas the Italian experience was one of starting new care businesses, co-owned by users, staff, volunteers in one of two models, the UK approach is more likely to be conversion. The society for community benefit model, for example, can be charitable but is organised democratically as a coop. The lawyer David Alcock at Anthony Collins Solicitors – – has done much of the legal work on doing this.


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  2. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the gaps in mental health services, particularly between primary and secondary care. Also power issues both in individual therapy and services as a whole. Nice to see you stepping into the blogging world. Best wishes


    1. I don’t have the technical know-how to answer your question. I am sorry. i know some people have signed up to my blog. sorry I can’t be more helpful as yet.


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