Keeping Mad Studies Safe and Democratic

I just want to alert people to a new article where we have tried to discuss this point – keeping Mad Studies safe and democratic. Some of us mental health service users/survivors see a lot of hope in Mad Studies – in the UK and internationally. Already some good things are happening and loads of progress being made. But we are also very aware that each time people as service users or disabled people come up with a good idea, some organisations and some individuals try and undermine it. So Jasna Russo and I have written this and we hope it may be helpful to lots of other people – disabled people, mental health service users/survivors and our friends, supporters and allies.

You can read what we have written, free to download from Disability & Society. Please let us know what you think. All views and comments much valued. thank you.

Here is the abstract – that is what the article is about

Mad Studies is emerging as a new force in ‘mental health’ discourse and developments. Given the way in which other would-be progressive developments associated with attempts to include experimental knowledge in this field, such as ‘recovery’ and ‘peer support’, have been subverted, this article considers whether it is possible for Mad Studies to avoid this. Drawing on developments in Disability Studies and in relation to the social model of disability, we explore what can be done in order to safeguard the distinctiveness of Mad Studies and foster its unique contribution.

Here is the link to read it for free.


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